If you are a working professional and an expert in the Accounting and Finance domain, then TallyProfessional is the course designed for your career growth. It covers topics from advanced accounting and inventory to taxation including payroll and income tax.

The various concepts explained through illustrations, self-learning videos and real-life industry-based scenarios help establish a strong foundation for your Accounting, Inventory, Taxation and Financial career.

The course will help you understand how to perform advanced Accounting, Inventory and Taxation (GST, TDS, TCS), and Payroll to name a few. The practical applications will be done on the new TallyPrime software to keep you at par with the new releases


TallyProfessional covers topics from intermediate to advanced financial accounting concepts, advanced inventory, and accounting advanced GST, TDS and TCS transactions, Payroll management with Income Tax. It is available in 2 volumes. Enclosed below are the topic details covered under each volume:


This chapter covers the introduction to multi-currency, creation and alteration of foreign currencies, defining of the rate of exchange, recording vouchers using foreign currency (On Realization Basis & Un-Realized Basis), adjusting Forex Gain/Loss, and generating reports with multi-currencies.

This chapter covers the introduction to interest calculation, accounting of simple interest and compound interest, accounting of interest on outstanding balances, and generating the interest calculation reports.

This chapter covers the introduction to Job Order Processing, accounting of Job Work Out Order processing, accounting of Job Work In Order processing, accounting of transfer of materials (Inter-Godown) and generating Job Work reports.

This chapter covers the introduction to job costing, features of job costing, types of business that use job costing, documents used in the job costing process, recording job costing related transactions in Tally, and generating job costing reports.

This chapter covers the introduction to advanced banking transactions, cheque management, post-dated cheque management, and handling e-payments in TallyPrime.

This chapter covers the overview of Tally.NET features such as Remote Access, TallyPrime Reports in Browsers (TRiB), Data Synchronisation, and Tally Virtual User (TVU).


This chapter covers the introduction to E-Way Bill, GST e-Invoicing, Recording GST compliant transactions such as Intrastate Supply of Goods & Services, Interstate Supply of Goods, Purchases from Unregistered Dealer, Purchases from Composition Dealer, Accounting Mixed Supply and Composite Supply, Supply of Exempted/Nil-rated Goods, Supply of Goods to Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Supply of Goods to Other Territory, Supply of Goods to Unregistered Dealer, Reverse Charge Mechanism under GST, Export of Goods, Advance Receipt, Generating E-Invoice Report, Generating E-Way Bill Report, Input Tax Credit Set Off against Liability, GST Tax Payment, Reversal of Input Tax Credit, Generating and E-Filing GST Returns in Tally.

This chapter covers the introduction to Tax Deducted at Source, Recording TDS Compliant Transactions such as Booking of Expenses & deducting TDS in the Journal Voucher, TDS Transaction for Purchase of Software, TDS on Sales Commission and Deducting TDS, Accounting TDS on Capital Expenditure, Accounting for TDS on Advance Payments and Adjusting Advances towards Bill, Purchase Escalation after Recording TDS Transaction, Reversal/Cancellation of Expenses with TDS, TDS on Works Contract attracting GST, TDS on Payments to Non-Residents (DTAA), TDS on Income from Foreign Currency, Bonds or Shares of India Company, Accounting Direct Payment and deducting TDS, Accounting Multiple Expenses and Deducting TDS later, TDS on Reimbursement of Expenses (Pure Agent), TDS Payment to Department, generating and E-Filing Form 26Q and Form 27Q, TRACES Portal and Maintaining Books of Accounts as a Deductee.

This chapter covers the introduction to Tax Collected at Source, Recording TCS Compliant Transactions such as Sale of TCS Goods on Accrual Basis, Sale of TCS Goods at Lower Rate/Nil Rate, Sale of TCS Goods at Higher Tax Rate (Under Section 206CCA), Accounting TCS Exemption for Buyers Deducting TDS, TCS on Transfer of Right to Use, Accounting for TCS on Advance Receipts and Adjusting Advances towards Bill, Payment to Department, generating and E-Filing Form 27EQ, and Maintaining Books of Accounts as a Collectee.

This chapter covers the introduction to Payroll Management, creation of Payroll Masters, Processing Attendance and Payroll vouchers with Income Tax, generating Payroll Reports, generating Payroll Statutory Reports such as Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance, Professional Tax, Gratuity, Income Tax Reports, generating and E-Filing Income Tax Returns.


Our courses include interactive and interesting content, concepts and content delivery to ensure you a delightful learning experience.


A Hybrid-learning module enables you to learn the course through text and interactive video


Digital content comprises of explainer videos, tutorial videos, quizzes, infographics ensuring a delightful learning experience


Assessment comprises of questions such as: MCQs, match the following, and image based questions


Case studies on “Real Life Business Scenarios” will be provided to you before you complete the courses


Industry- preferred certification will be provided to differentiate yourself among others and take your career to the next level